International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Working Group IV: CTBT Issues

Spiro Spiliopoulos
Vice Chair
Steven Myers

This group was constituted at the December 1998 FDSN meeting in Seattle to explore avenues for fruitful interaction between the Federation and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and to provide a forum for individual FDSN members to raise and discuss issues of common interest related to the set up and operation of the CTBT International Monitoring System.

Working Group IV Meetings

YearLocation & MaterialsWorking Group Chair & Vice Chair
2023 Berlin, Germany Istvan Bondar
Öcal Necmioğlu (Vice Chair)
2019 Montreal, Canada Istvan Bondar
Öcal Necmioğlu (Vice Chair)
2017 Kobe, Japan Istvan Bondar
2015 Prague, Czechia Florian Haslinger
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden Florian Haslinger
2011 Melbourne, Australia Florian Haslinger
2009 Cape Town, South Africa Jim Lyons

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