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Thread: FDSN WS Service Checker

Started: 2017-04-14 00:19:52
Last activity: 2017-04-14 00:19:52
Philip Crotwell
2017-04-14 00:19:52

As part of some work I have been doing recently with browser access to
FDSN web services, I have put together a handful of "sanity checks"
for FDSN web service servers. These use javascript running in the
browser and I thought that they might be of interest to others.
Currently the tests are fairly basic, and I will probably add more
over time.

One problem I have encountered is that quite a few of the existing
FDSN web services do not have the CORS headers set properly to allow
this type of in browser access from web pages that originate from a
different server. I feel this kind of access probably should be
allowed and would like to encourage making this work as it is a really
powerful way to leverage the existing web services to create dynamic
web pages. If your favorite FDSN web service doesn't get past the
first test, then probably this is the issue. More on this can be found

Hopefully this is of use.

Comments welcome,