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Thread: Reports: development of new STS-1 electronics

Started: 2007-09-17 23:45:36
Last activity: 2007-09-17 23:45:36
Rhett Butler
2007-09-17 23:45:36
Dear Colleagues,

I reported at the FDSN meeting of WG1 in Perugia about the
development of new STS-1 electronics by Metrozet and UC Berkeley
through funding from IRIS.

Due to the interest generated by this development and with the
permission of the authors (Tom VanZandt, tom.vanzandt<at>
and Baraba Romanowicz, barbara.romanowicz<at>, I am forwarding
to you copies of the final reports for this project, with the
disclaimer that the reports represent the views of the authors.

Comments and questions should be forwarded to the reports' authors.

Best regards,