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Thread: FDSN services related to time series

Started: 2015-06-30 09:52:51
Last activity: 2015-06-30 09:52:51
Tim Ahern
2015-06-30 09:52:51
At yesterday’s WGIII meeting I agreed to send out an email requesting input on a potential new FDSN web service. IRIS has a time series processing service that performs a variety of functions including:
down sampling
instrument correction
format conversion including the return of a plot of a seismogram
more information about the current IRIS time series web service can be found at

While such a service can provide a processing burden on a data center, it dos provide a useful service and makes FDSN data more usable by non-experts. It is used fairly heavily at the IRIS DMC and currently is used to distribute about 100 terabyte per year of processed time series data.

Some of the discussion focussed on specific types of processing that can reduce the data volume sent to a data requestor and that concept was generally supported Support for other output formats (waveform formats) was also generally well received and could include ASCII representations, SAC, AH, etc.

If you have opinions on the specific capabilities for a first FDSN time series service please respond to the list with your ideas. We are attempting to identify a small set of functions to initially support that may include downsampling, richer output format and other things but the list should be short. I will compile your responses and circulate the result.

Please provide your input by July 14, 2015


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