International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

FDSN Working Group III: Coordination of Products, Tools and Services

Chad Trabant
Vice Chair
Marcelo Bianchi

FDSN Working Group III on Coordination of Products, Tools and Services was established at the 2007 FDSN meeting in Perugia Italy.

Working Group III Charge

Within the FDSN, WG III

  • Will coordinate the production of standard products and the methods for producing these products,
  • Will coordinate the identification, development and/or distribution of standard software applications used to acquire, manage, distribute, and use data from FDSN data centers,
  • Will coordinate the development and adoption of standards for services, including web services and other data center services, that are supported and deployed at FDSN centers.

Working Group III Defined Services

Working Group III Meetings

YearLocation & MaterialsWorking Group Chair & Vice Chair
2023 Berlin, Germany Chad Trabant
Mark Chadwick (Vice Chair)
2021 Online, India Chad Trabant
Mark Chadwick (Vice Chair)
2019 Montreal, Canada Chad Trabant
Mark Chadwick (Vice Chair)
2017 Kobe, Japan Tim Ahern
2015 Prague, Czechia Tim Ahern
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden Tim Ahern
2011 Melbourne, Australia Tim Ahern
2009 Cape Town, South Africa Tim Ahern
2007 Perugia, Italy Tim Ahern

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