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Thread: Proposal review team and open comments for SeedLink v4 specification proposal

Started: 2022-04-02 12:59:44
Last activity: 2022-04-02 12:59:44
Dear Working Group 3 members,

As discussed at the previous working group meeting, a next-generation SeedLink (v4) protocol specification has been jointly developed by GEFON and IRIS. The specification is now submitted to this working group for consideration as a standard.

The next step in this process is to constitute a Proposal Review team to report on the proposal and suitability for the FDSN, which will be followed by a WG vote on their recommendation. Concurrent with this process will be an open comment period. If the Review team recommends adoption and the WG votes to proceed, an Evaluation and Adoption team will be formed to review and refine the technical aspects of the proposal.

With this message I call on volunteers for the Proposal Review team, please send me email to be considered by 20 April. The team will begin its work as soon as enough members have been identified and organized, and I anticipate a short duration given the widely known nature of the protocol. While some members of the Proposal team might continue to serve on the followup Evaluation team, please note that the first is about determining the need of the proposal as a general feature, while the second is focussed on the technicalities.

The proposed standard is now available for open comment, please provide your feedback by 31 May. This feedback will be considered by the Proposal team and later, if we proceed, the Evaluation team.

The proposed specification may be viewed here:

Comments may be submitted to the documentation repository:

or this list if you feel that your feedback does not below in the issue tracker.

Please consider serving on one or both of the teams and providing feedback on the proposal.

Some members have already submitted their names to me as reviewers, which I assumed to be volunteers for the Evaluation phase of the process. If you would like to volunteer for the Proposal phase please clarify.

The larger equipment manufacturers have been contacted with most volunteering to participate during the Evaluation phase.