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Thread: Results of the evaluation of the StationXML documentation

Started: 2022-03-28 12:49:14
Last activity: 2022-03-28 12:49:14
Javier Quinteros
2022-03-28 12:49:14
Dear WG2 members,

As Chair of the WG2, I'm writing you regarding the outcome of the
Evaluation Review Team of the StationXML documentation.

First of all, I want to thank a lot to the four members of the Review
Team, Philip Crotwell, Rob Casey, Petr Kolinsky, and Jonathan Schaeffer,
who have invested so much energy on this.

The Team focused on the evaluation of the documentation and the
resolution of the related issues reported in the Github repository of
the StationXML.

They have sent a recommendation (see PDF attached) and the decision was that

"The review committee recommends approval of the specification as revised."

Despite there are no structural changes to the schema, they recommend to
update the "schemaVersion" attribute to "1.2" so that the previous
version 1.1 can be preserved as is.

Considering that we had already a long period open for discussion and
reporting of issues, I will open now a short window of *1 week* for
comments considering the positive decision from the Evaluation Review Team.

After that, we will start the *voting phase on April 4th* until April
10th following the usual rules:

Voting rules (consistent with current FDSN Terms of Reference):
1 vote per FDSN member (i.e. each network or datacentre)
Votes are agreed with at least 2/3 majority. Quorum for any decision is 5 FDSN member votes.

We consider this a big step forward, as we were in a situation in which
we had a current standard format (StationXML), but without official

General discussion is expected to be held on this mailing list.If
needed, detailed and technical comments can be posted in the Issue
Tracker of the repository. In this way, we can keep track of the
technical discussion.

Again, thanks to the Review Team for the great work!

Javier Quinteros
WG2 Chair
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