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Thread: A proposal for FDSN miniSEED 3 format for evaluation

Started: 2022-03-23 10:10:19
Last activity: 2022-03-23 10:10:19
Javier Quinteros
2022-03-23 10:10:19
Dear WG2 members,

I'm writing you in order to formally open the "Evaluation and Adoption
phase" of the proposal for a new miniSEED 3 format submitted by Chad
Trabant. The original message by Chad is pasted below these lines.

Starting from today, you can review the resources provided (docs,
repositories) and provide your feedback in the issue tracker

or also in this list, if you feel that your feedback does not belong to
a tracker in Github.

The next steps for this phase are:

1. *Until May 15th* discussion in this list and/or in the issue tracker
of the repo. We will be discussing mostly the technical aspects of the
implementation and documentation.

2. The Evaluation Review Team provides a report based on the resources
provided (docs, implementations) and community feedback.

3. Based on the report, we could proceed to vote for the adoption.

*IMPORTANT* To all of you interested in the topic and with some
experience on this, *candidate yourself to be part of the Review Team*
Just send me a message.

Some of the resources provided:

libmseed: (only 3.*, not
the 2.*)

@Chad: please, feel free to correct me if I forgot any other resource.

We should remember that this has been thoroughly discussed during some
years [1,2] and it has included suggestions and improvements based on
the feedback provided by the community.

As usual, your participation will help a lot to improve our current and
future standards. Please, let us know your feedback!





As Chair of FDSN Working Group II, please accept our submission of the
following specification of a next generation, mininSEED 3 data format
for evaluation:

The specification has been prepared in a manner compatible with other
FDSN specifications on, and can easily be
transferred to that documentation suite if adopted.

This work is a direct descendent of the process, and resulting
discussions, described here in 2017:

The proposal phase of the FDSN's Framework for adoption of features
within FDSN Working Groups completed in 2018:

This specification complies with all requirements of that technical
evaluation, and is submitted for consideration during an evaluation and
adoption phase.

The original concept of this specification in 2016, was refined
significantly in following years through multiple meetings, discussions
and evaluations, ultimately through the formal proposal phase of this
group that defined specific requirements of such a format. We believe
this represents a work of consensus.

We would be pleased to work with an evaluation group to answer any
questions that may arise or adjust the specification should that be
deemed necessary.

Javier Quinteros
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