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Thread: IRIS Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs Requests your Input

Started: 2018-03-06 05:10:35
Last activity: 2018-03-06 05:10:35
Dear Member of the Global Seismology community,

The *I**RIS GSN Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs*
(WGLTSS invites
you to participate in a short survey related to questions in global
seismology and allied disciplines that can be addressed by future
long-running seafloor seismic stations. Last December at AGU, this
working group held a *Special Interest Group meeting*
<cid:part2.34A7FD91.45076A58<at>>to discuss the scientific targets
and associated data needs from seafloor seismographs. The goal of the
SIG was to gather community input in order to provide guidance on
designing a pilot experiment to deploy long-term seismographs on the

As a result of discussion at the SIG, we have designed this short survey
in which we ask for your participation. In this survey, you will have an
opportunity to articulate (up to) three unanswered questions where
significant advancement could be made with up to five new, long-term
seafloor seismometers or small-aperture seafloor arrays. Questions can
include unsolved problems in seismic structure, tectonic evolution,
geodynamics, composition, magnetic field, earthquake source processes,
or other relevant disciplines that require seismic data from
long-running seafloor stations as a direct constraint.

Please consider filling out the survey at:

We anticipate it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Your
community input will be directly relevant to a pilot experiment design. 
The survey will be available until *March 19th, 2018*.

Kind Regards,

Monica Kohler (Chair of the WGLTSS)
Jeffrey Park (Chair of the GSN Standing Committee)
Katrin Hafner (IRIS GSN Program Manager)