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Thread: [FDSN WG-II] Proposal for FDSN Waveform Quality Metrics

Started: 2015-11-09 16:40:12
Last activity: 2015-11-09 16:40:12
Dear WG-II members,

please find the proposal for the definition of FDSN waveform quality metrics as suggested during
the Prague meeting. After exploring the systems in place and/or in development at IRIS DMC and
ORFEUS EIDA there are a number of basic metrics in common. The attached document describes the
proposed metrics where the green highlighted text refers to, in my opinion, differences in both
systems and/or definitions that requires agreement.

I believe the 2 systems are pretty close but some details must be defined slightly better and agreed upon.

Looking forward for your feedback.

/Users/rick/Library/Containers/ Downloads/D4C20990-52A2-41A6-89E1-E1EA07C27592/Proposal definition QC metrics.pdf