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Thread: Use of Digital Object Identifiers for Seismic Networks Using FDSN Network Codes

Started: 2014-07-21 16:46:07
Last activity: 2014-07-21 16:46:07

The EIDA Data Centers in Europe and the IRIS DMC in the US initiated a joint effort to define the usage of DOIs for seismic networks. The FDSN through its WG III on Products, Tools, and Services has agreed upon a method to provide attribution to permanent and temporary seismic networks using FDSN Network Codes. This has been reviewed by FDSN WG III and has been agreed to by consensus. The document is well thought out and our thanks go to Adam Clark at the IRIS DMC and Peter Evans and Angelo Strollo from GFZ in Potsdam in the preparation of the document and to members of FDSN WGIII for reviewing and making suggestions to improve the approach.

During the next year we look forward to begin the actual implementation of these DOIs within the FDSN consistent with the documentation attached here.

Dr. Tim Ahern

Chair of FDSN WG III on
Products, Tools and Services