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Thread: Call for nominations

Started: 2019-07-01 18:14:09
Last activity: 2019-07-01 18:14:09
Michelle Grobbelaar
2019-07-01 18:14:09
Dear All

I apologise for the late message.

There are a number of chairs and vice chairs whose terms are coming to an end and thus we will need to vote during the IUGG meetings for new/continuing candidates.

The positions are:

1. WG1 vice
2. WG3 Chair
3. WG3 vice
4. WG4 Chair
5. WG4 vice
6. WG5 vice

The following people have kindly agreed to be nominated again for their current roles:

WG1 Vice-Chair: Ludek Vecsey
WG3 Vice-Chair: Mark Chadwick
WG 4 Chair: Istvan Bondar
WG5 Vice-Chair: Wayne Crawford

Unfortunately Tim Ahern has indicated that he will not be available for nominations for WG3 chair.

We have also received the following nominations:
WG3 Chair: Chad Trabant
WG2 Vice-Chair: Rob Casey

Currently, we do not have any nominations for WG4 Vice Chair.

Please could you let me know if you would like to nominate anyone else by 9 July 2019.

We will introduce the candidate names during our opening plenary on 11 July and then vote for the positions during our closing plenary on 17 July.

Thank you