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Thread: FDSN General Assembly in Prague

Started: 2015-05-23 05:09:41
Last activity: 2015-05-23 05:09:41
Goran Ekstrom
2015-05-23 05:09:41
Dear FDSN Steering Committee members:

In a little less than one month, the FDSN will meet and conduct business
at the IUGG meeting in Prague. With this email, I want to inform you of
a few items related to the FDSN meetings.

1. The FDSN plenary sessions will take place on June 26 and June 30. The
working-group meetings are on the days in between. I encourage you to
attend and participate in these meetings. Several items will be voted
on at the Plenary Sessions, including new FDSN members and elections to
positions to the Executive Committee. Your participation in these
governance activities is much appreciated.

2. If you are receiving this email, and you are not the current
institutional representative for your organization to the FDSN, it
would be very much appreciated if you could inform us of this. It is
a challenge to maintain contact information, and we are striving to
bring the FDSN membership information up to date.

3. Promoting and facilitating open access to seismological data are
goals of the FDSN. In advance of the FDSN meeting, I encourage all
of you who are network or data-center operators to take a moment
to review how your network is sharing data with the broader
seismological community.

a. Do you have a policy and and a method in
place to allow sharing of your data?

b. Are your data available and discoverable from
your own data center or from some
other data center (e.g., IRIS, ORFEUS, GFZ, RESIF,…)?

c. Is the station information available to data users up to date?

This would be a great time to consider starting or expanding your network's
data sharing. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

4. Information about the FDSN is available at

Best regards,
Göran Ekström
Chair, FDSN