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Thread: legacy Quanterra data loggers

Started: 2013-11-21 20:11:22
Last activity: 2013-11-21 20:11:22
Goran Ekstrom
2013-11-21 20:11:22
TO: FDSN members and network operators

RE: Census of legacy Quanterra dataloggers

A technical issue related to internal epochal time in certain
earlier-generation Quanterra data acquisition systems has been identified.
The issue will first express itself on December 31, 2017, when the epochal
time will cause these systems to cease operating. A second issue, related
to GPS time, would express itself in April 2019.

Affected systems are the following: Q380, Q680, Q4120, Q730.

Owing to the age of these systems (they are past their anticipated
period of operation), the manufacturer (Quanterra/Kinemetrics)
does not maintain an inventory of owners and operators. It is
unknown how many of these systems are still in use around the
world, collecting valuable data.

The purpose of this email is twofold:

1) Alerting any operators of these legacy systems of this issue.

2) Identifying legacy systems of this kind around the world,
and providing an opportunity for operators of these systems to
share and define common concerns.

The FDSN would like to facilitate the process of addressing this issue.

If you are an operator of one of these systems and would like to
participate, please reply to the questions below. We will then create
an inventory of affected systems, and share this information within
the FDSN. Depending on the number of systems identified, we will
then collect and distribute information that may be useful for
addressing this issue. Whether the technical issue can be feasibly
addressed is not yet known. Any potential action, however, must
include as a first step assessing the number of affected operators
and systems.

Göran Ekström, Chair, FDSN
Joe Steim, Quanterra



If you are operating any of the systems mentioned above, please provide:

(1) The number and types of systems.

(2) The serial number(s) of the operating systems.

(3) Existing plans for retiring/replacing these systems before the end of 2017.

(4) If this equipment was acquired or donated from another seismic network,
please indicate which network the equipment came from.

Please send the replies to ekstrom<at>