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ZR (2019-2019): 1-month seismological experiment on Etna, Italy in 2019

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FDSN code ZR (2019-2019) Network name 1-month seismological experiment on Etna, Italy in 2019
Start year 2019 Operated by
End year 2019 Deployment region -

1-month seismological experiment on Etna, Italy in 2019" is a 1-month seismological experi-ment realized near the Pizzi Deneri Observatory on Etna, Italy, by Eva Eibl and Daniel Vollmer (University of Potsdam) in collaboration with Philippe Jousset from GFZ Potsdam Germany and Gilda Currenti and Graziano Larocca from INGV-OE, Italy. From August to September 2019, we recorded the volcano-seismic events accompanying the volcanic activity using a rotational sensor and a co-located seismometer. The aim of the seismological experiment was to study LP events, VT events and tremor. We used a 3-component broadband seismometer (Nanometrics Trillium Compact 120 s) and a 3-component rotational sensor (iXblue blueSeis-3A) and stored the data on a DataCube and CommunicationCube, respectively. Sensors were installed on the same 35 * 35 * 3 cm3 granitic base plate at about 40 cm depth enclosed by backfilled pyroclastic material to avoid wind noise. The instruments recorded at 200 Hz sampling rate and were located about 2 km from the craters on Etna. The setup was powered using 3 solar panels of 140W each and three batteries of 75Ah each. We oriented the rotational sensor and seismometer using a Quadrans fiber-optical gyrocompass. The Quadrans is not affected by magnetic minerals in the ground and our sensors are hence properly aligned to geographic north.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/ME7564062119
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