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ZQ (2024-2024): Grace Lake passive seismic monitoring study

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FDSN code ZQ (2024-2024) Network name Grace Lake passive seismic monitoring study (Grace Lake)
Start year 2024 Operated by
  • Fleming College
End year 2024 Deployment region -

Objective is deploy passive seismic units to measure seismic activity in and around Grace Lake, Ontario, Canada to determine if (a) a fault exists running through Grace Lake and (b) if the fault is present, is the the fault active. Due to constraints of the course (geophysical methods) the experiment will run for approximately a 30 day period. The instruments will be deployed along trails and roadways surrounding Grace Lake, crossing the inferred position of the fault and parallel to the expected fault strike on both the hanging wall and footwall. The data collected will be collated with other student acquired geophysical data including: (1) Total magnetic field magnetometer traverses (2) EM-31 conductivity profile (3) high resolution shallow reflection seismic 2D profile (4) geologic mapping of outcrop in the potential fault zone (5) spectrometer surveying of the outcrop. End products are: (1) a U-Links Centre for Community Based Research Poster Presentation at their Celebration of Research Event ( (2) a chapter in a book being written by David Freeman of the Grace Lake Cottage Association on the history of the Grace Lake region (3) potential publication of a paper(s) in a refereed geophysical journal or publication.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/3mbe-0b86
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