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ZH (2023-2023): GFZ-Landsvirkjun Theistareykir Fibre Array

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FDSN code ZH (2023-2023) Network name GFZ-Landsvirkjun Theistareykir Fibre Array (TFA)
Start year 2023 Operated by
End year 2023 Deployment region -

The GFZ-Landsvirkjun Theistareykir Fibre Array (TFA) is located in the Theytareykir geothermal area, in North Iceland. It is collocated with an array broadband seismometers and gravity meters arrays (see e.g.,
The geometry of the array is following telecom fibers in the area, and has been chosen to test telecom fiber in geothermal environment. We connected an iDAS V2 interrogator from Silixa. The interrogator location is 65.898041, -16.966274.
The array start N-S and after 1.5 km, turns towards East, up to a local transmission antenna for mobile phones. The length of the path is ~5 km. The recorded length of the fiber is actually more than 15 km, as a second fibre instance is connected at the telecom station, and then goes to the south of the geothermal area, after coming back to the telecom central.
Jumps have been performed along the cable to geo-locate the channels. The exact location of the fibre can unfortunately not be disclosed.

Data are in h5 format, downsampled from silixa original tdms file using downsampling too from INGV-OE ( We provide here the first fibre instance (5 km long) for downloading time reasons from the unit (still on site when collected).

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