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ZH (2016-2019): POSA

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FDSN code ZH (2016-2019) Network name POSA
Start year 2016 Operated by
End year 2019 Deployment region

Seismological observation dedicated to the study of the impact on the coastal area routinely explosions of old mines on the seafloor near the coast (Toulon area, South East of France). The near observation (less than 3km) will allow to control attenuation with distance, relation charge/amplitude, effect of the land/water transition. Two broad band (CMG40T) stations are installed for a period of 30 months providing continuous 3 components data. The observation will be completed by dedicated deployments associtate with specific program of explosions.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.15778/RESIF.ZH2016
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