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Z8 (2018-2019): seis_iitmandi

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FDSN code Z8 (2018-2019) Network name seis_iitmandi (seis_iitmandi)
Start year 2018 Operated by
End year 2019 Deployment region -

We have developed a low-cost seismic data collection station, where we have integrated a 4.5 Hz (395 Ohm) verticle geophone as well as a +/- 16g accelerometer, and a +/- 2000 degrees / s gyroscope. The system is able to detect vibrations. We have deployed the system on our IIT campus for testing and we would like to join FDSN network of stations to be able to supply data from our seismic station.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/Z8_2018
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