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9U (2022-2022): Pinos watershed late summer scans

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FDSN code 9U (2022-2022) Network name Pinos watershed late summer scans (Pinos watershed late summer scans)
Start year 2022 Operated by
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End year 2022 Deployment region -

A larger project monitoring and measuring recharge, flow, and sediment transport in the Pinos watershed near Socorro is ongoing. We are piloting a use of GPR to verify bed-load transport measurements and repeatability of the GPR scans. The Smart Cart set up for the SenSoft Noggin antennas is ideal for this experiment (including GPS, cables, battery, charger, and DVL/datalogger). We hope to use both the 500 MHz and 250 MHz antennas to collect transects across the wash (when not flowing), at locations correlated with other instruments.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/vd3w-h713
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