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9H (2007-2011): Integrated observations from NEAR shore sourcES of Tsunamis: towards an early warning system

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FDSN code 9H (2007-2011) Network name Integrated observations from NEAR shore sourcES of Tsunamis: towards an early warning system (NEAREST)
Start year 2007 Operated by
  • Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
End year 2011 Deployment region -

The NEARESTproject aims at the identification and characterization of potential near-shore sources of tsunamis in the Gulf of Cadiz. This area is well known from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that destroyed Lisbon and several other places mainly along the EastAtlantic coast on November 1st, 1755.
One of the project's work packages deals with monitoring of recent seismic activity in the Gulf of Cadiz area. For this purpose 24 broadband ocean-bottom seismometers (OBS) from the German DEPAS instrument pool were deployed for 11 months in addition to the GEOSTAR multi-parameter deep-sea observatory and temporary land stations in Portugal. The GEOSTAR observatory and the 24 OBS were deployed and recovered during two expeditions with RV Urania in 2007 and 2008. The OBSs consist of three‐component Guralp CMG‐40T‐OBS seismometers and HighTech HTI‐04‐PCA/ULF hydrophones. A wide range of signals was recorded, including teleseismic, regional and local earthquakes, and low‐frequency (∼20 Hz) vocalization of fin whales.
The GEOSTAR observatory was again deployed between 2009 and 2011.


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