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5O (2022-2023): UW-Madison 3D DAS@SURF

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FDSN code 5O (2022-2023) Network name UW-Madison 3D DAS@SURF
Start year 2022 Operated by
End year 2023 Deployment region -

A 3D DAS array consisting of 5.5 km of single-mode fiber-optic cable and a set of co-located geophones was deployed in the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, South Dakota, USA between January and May 2022. The sensing heart of the DAS array is a specially installed 3.5 km of cable on the 4550-ft depth level and along a ramp system from approximately 4100 ft to 4850 ft below the surface. The ramp is a three-dimensional spiral-like geometry with a diameter of 150 m at a grade of 9 degrees. The array was re-activated in February 2023 to record data during Global DAS Month using a 16-m spatial resolution. The data include one hour of data sampled at 100 Hz for the 156 earthquakes above magnitude 5 as well as continuously at 50 Hz on February 14, 2023.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/h4eb-bh32
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Additional Notes Data is hosted in PubDAS, an open repository managed by the Advanced Research Computing division of the Information and Technology Services at the University of Michigan (UM) (Spica et al., 2023). Reference: Zack J. Spica, Jonathan Ajo‐Franklin, Gregory C. Beroza, Biondo Biondi, Feng Cheng, Beatriz Gaite, Bin Luo, Eileen Martin, Junzhu Shen, Clifford Thurber, Loïc Viens, Herbert Wang, Andreas Wuestefeld, Han Xiao, Tieyuan Zhu; PubDAS: A PUBlic Distributed Acoustic Sensing Datasets Repository for Geosciences. Seismological Research Letters 2023;; 94 (2A): 983–998. doi:

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