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5L (2023-2023): University of Chicago Educational, Faculty Development and Outreach Seismic Experiment

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FDSN code 5L (2023-2023) Network name University of Chicago Educational, Faculty Development and Outreach Seismic Experiment (Chicago Tremors)
Start year 2023 Operated by
  • University of Chicago
End year 2023 Deployment region -

This experiment has already been deployed and data is now being processed. The experiment involved collecting about 5 weeks of broad-band, 3 component seismic data in the basement of Hinds Geophysical Lab during the months of September and October of 2023. The experiment was supported by the seismometer equipment originally provided to the PI/investigators to conduct project "Northberg" on the Milne Ice Shelf, Nunavut, Canada. When the seismometer (a single broad band) was returned to Chicago (after considerable delay) it arrived when both the graduate student and PI came down (in sequence) with Covid, and at a time when classes were beginning. The decision was made to delay sending the seismometer equipment back to Passcal for a sufficient period of time to allow the investigator and graduate student to "get back on their feet". The extra time that the seismometer equipment was on site at the University of Chicago (in our lab) was used to deploy the seismometer in a stable location in the basement of the Hinds Geophysical Laboratory to allow sufficient data to be obtained so as to (a) give a data set to an Early Career faculty member at the University of Chicago (Prof. Sunyoung Park) who is a highly regarded seismologist (educated at Harvard, formerly a postdoctoral fellow at Cal Tech) that has little experience with portable seismometer data collection, (b) to give other graduate students in seismology here an opportunity to use the equipment and to learn from it, and finally (c) to provide outreach to the undergraduate education program at the University (the data will be used in instruction). In essence, this project is a "done deal" that was motivated by the convergence of "a delayed return of instruments", "sequential covid infections of the people responsible for the equipment" and "an opportunity to use the equipment's delay to positively impact the educational and early career faculty development" here at the University. We intend to archive the collected data as it should be for any other experiment. This will be done over the next months.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/k5tg-2003
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