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ZW (2007-2009): Erebus Tomography and Source Studies

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FDSN code ZW (2007-2009) Operated by
  • New Mexico Tech
Network name Erebus Tomography and Source Studies (Tomo_Erebus) Deployment region United States of America
Start year 2007 End year 2009
Short description

The fundamental instrumentation of a temp. network consisting of 23 BB seismometers, occured during the 2007-2008 field season. this deployment specifically included Guralp CMG 40-T Seismometers with sampling rates of 100 samples per second for the 07-08 field season and 40 samples per second for the 08 winter season. Each of these station consist of Reftek 6 channel DAS with 4 Gb of memory. It should be noted taht only 3 of the available channels were used in this deployment. All of the experiment components were provided by IRIS Passcal Instrument Center. These stations were deployed in the most optimal tomographic geometry, roughly concentric about the volcanic axis at elevation of appox. 2000 m and 3000m, feasible for the rough terrain and limited accessibility of certain regions of the volcano

Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Rick Aster, Philip Kyle (2007): Erebus Tomography and Source Studies. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks. Dataset/Seismic Network. 10.7914/SN/ZW_2007

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