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ZU (2012-2012): Grand Canyon Controlled Flood

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FDSN code ZU (2012-2012) Network name Grand Canyon Controlled Flood (GCFLOOD)
Start year 2012 Operated by
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
End year 2012 Deployment region United States of America
Short description

Deployment of short period seismographs and infrasound sensors at 8 sites within Grand Canyon for a controlled flood event in November, 2012. This will likely be the last such flood for up to 4 of more years. Flows will be increased from 8,000 cfs to approximately 42,000 cfs during this event, which is designed to redistribute sediment and beaches along the river channel within the national park. We wish to assess the seismic and infrasonic noise spectrum and amplitude scaling at several key rapids and other points along the Colorado River to better understand the generation of seismic signals by rivers. We will record at 250 s/s continuous for this experiment. We will also monitor the sites with GOPRO cameras during the flood.

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