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ZU (2011-2011): Repeating glacier quakes (clones) on Mount Rainier

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FDSN code ZU (2011-2011) Network name Repeating glacier quakes (clones) on Mount Rainier (Glacier Clones)
Start year 2011 Operated by
  • University of Washington
End year 2011 Deployment region United States of America

We will use 8 to 12 short-period, vertical seismometers with rt-125 data loggers for short term (2-4 days) deployments on the upper Winthrop and/or Emmons glaciers on Mount Rainier to capture a series of what we think are repeating glacier slip events, but that have seismograms at permanent seismic stations that look like very small volcanic earthquakes. The actual field experiment will only last a couple of weeks but the exact timing of it depends on weather, glacier activity and Park Service permission thus we need a window of a couple of months with the equipment to be sure we can do it.

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